the demise of the sane

by Humanity Defiled

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YomaBarr thumbnail
YomaBarr Oh my. Oh my. Oh my. The very first riff. Oh my. [collecting jawbone from the neighbour's below]
And then things only get downright awesome. Awesome! Who the hell needs a five piece DM band?
Metallurgical Fire, thx for recommendation!
Iwein thx for this. Keep doing what you love. Favorite track: asystole.
Metallurgical Fire
Metallurgical Fire thumbnail
Metallurgical Fire This is one of those albums that shocks you when you hear it for the first time. Bolt Thrower influenced death metal it is, but at the same time it’s completely unique in approach. Bolt Thrower tended to be a bit predictable (I love them, but you know it’s true). This is anything but predictable. Odds of a physical release are slim after four years but I would come back for one. Favorite track: in decay.
TheKenWord2017 thumbnail
TheKenWord2017 The Demise of the Sane is a fantastic cornucopia of old-school riffs. Should satisfy fans of Bolt Thrower, Incantation or Cannibal Corpse. Buy it if you know what's good for ya! Favorite track: forked tongue delusion.
Master of Muppets
Master of Muppets thumbnail
Master of Muppets Humanity Defiled is one of the best one-man projects that you've never heard about, the kind that make you feel guilty as fuck for whatever measly contribution you take advantage of NYP with. Dude never disappoints, if you're reading this then drop everything and buy up the Humanity Defiled discography or else MoM will be disappointed in you. Seriously, it's top notch death metal at bottom dollar prices, why are you even reading this still? BUY THIS SHIT! Favorite track: the circular strain.
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"let's not ignore the straight-ahead devastation of songs like "Forked Tongue Delusion" and "The Circular Strain" and the fact that they unapologetically melt faces."

"It's absurd that so few people are tapping into HD's vision, as opposed to the more generic death metal coming out of Belgium or, you know, everywhere else. It's time for the greater metal community to pay attention to what Denayer is doing with death metal and raise the expectations bar for everybody else."

- Dan Lake, for Chronicles of Chaos.

"Mostly, the reason Humanity Defiled resonates with me is that they sound quite a lot like Bolt Thrower, and that’s never a bad thing. Atop their steamroller drive, these songs are given room to breathe, the riffs balanced nicely between chunky chords and ominous melodies, the tempos ranging from double-kick-driven thrashing to doom-paced trudges."

"I must say that The Demise Of The Sane is a more-than-pleasant surprise, all told, a one-man band that doesn’t bore me after a few tunes."

- Andrew Edmunds, for Last Rites.


This the second Humanity Defiled album.
Again, a lot of work has been put into these songs.

And again, it mainly is a means to ventilate frustrations that I deal with on a lot of days. Things i see, hear and deal with every day, are found here. Check the lyrics and feel free to ask me about them.

The SSD cover on this album is there, because SSD, and the myth surrounding them, always inspired me. Although I was too young at the time they were great.

For the instrumental track 'loss', i was accompanied by Alexander Swaelens who played some very terrific leads on that piece.

Last but not least, the beautiful art for 'tdots' was done by Kevin Hensels. His drawings are awesome and he deserves to be recognized. Also, check out his band Hemelbestormer.

I hope you all enjoy the music.


released June 20, 2015

Iwein Denayer - all instruments, programming, mixing, mastering.

Alexander Swaelens of My Aim: lead guitar on 'loss'

Kevin Hensels of Hemelbestormer: artwork




humanity defiled Belgium

Humanity Defiled is a one-man death metal project from Belgium.

The sole purpose of the music is to channel negativity and to create some decent death metal along the way.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Track Name: angel wings
No souls are saved
All is burnt
Reading salvation
In the black of their eyes

Rapture comes
Is called upon
Reason is no more

Numb as ever

Counting no tears
As all fades
Heaven on earth
Worse than hell

Angel wings
Choking our souls
Track Name: forked tongue delusion
The tongue is cold and wet
The lair of gold
Consume, consumed

They care not
Take care of
Unending riddle
Seek fortune, alas

The serpents call
Injected venom
Severing ties
Breaking will

Dried up, alone
You cannot heal
Point of no return
Vomiting emptiness

The endless fall
The bottomless abyss
Illusionary wealth
In sweet decay
Track Name: 1%
They cannot see
They fail to comprehend
They are not concerned
They escape in statistics

Reduced to numbers
The weak exist in charts
A footnote in their realm
Trampling those who fail

There is only one goal
Perfect, achieve and conquer
The cost is high
But is not paid

Insane laughter
As the numbers dwindle
Squeezed out
Thrown away, obsolete

Means justify ends
Eyes open and yet blind
Function on wealth and greed
Drown the 99%
Track Name: asystole
Hoping for release
Done with life
Sun forever sets
Believe in nothing

Here after never comes
Burning up
Hope of no tomorrow
Breathing sanity

Stricken by knowing
Unable to witness light

Tear out eyes
No need for sight
Limbless I lay
By the bloodied hands of fate

There is no beyond
There's only naught
Track Name: in decay
Whisper turns to scream
Gently I blow holes in you
Until there’s nothing left
Feed me sorrow
Feed me hope

Eating all that radiates
Your soul bleeds nothing
Deprived of all meaning
There is only me

You desire me
You lay your hope
In me
You envy all my might
You succumb
To me

Take all of me
Consume my core
I’ll carry yours
In sickness and in death
Track Name: the circular strain
The sickness will forever be
Given to the bias
Look no further see no more

Penalty prior to the verdict
Those who differ cannot breathe
Closing in, absorbing soul
The right to be has ceased

Strengthen us to see
Free us from disparity
Free us from our avarice
Divergence is fate

Graceless in our hatred
Seek to blame the few
Minorities despised

Defilement of the mind
Shattering their spirit
Trivial identity
Intolerance as law
Track Name: headed straight (SSDecontrol)
Headed Straight, Headed Straight
I know what I'm doing
Headed Straight, Headed Straigh
tMy sights are clear
Headed Straight, Headed Straight
My goals are there
Headed Straight, Headed Straight
Why do you live the way you do
Self-destructive, if you only knew
Everything you do, you don't give a damn
Your life is just full of scam
Track Name: a darker place
He never fit
Lost track of hope
Resisting all
Refused to cope

A mind so lost
No home no rest
Disowned and cut
Acceptance banned

A passageway
For him to dwell
The blood of others
The murder hell

Innocence slain
Glory in death
He is his own god
He is his own reign

The pain inflicted
No tears run down
He welcomes grief
His mind released

In isolation
He rests and dwells
The spawn of emptiness
His darker place

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