mankind is the disease

by Humanity Defiled

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Joel Wukotich
Joel Wukotich thumbnail
Joel Wukotich This is a killer album! WE DESERVE UNSPEAKABLE DEATH will knock your head clean off! Favorite track: we deserve an unspeakable death.
Metallurgical Fire
Metallurgical Fire thumbnail
Metallurgical Fire Another death metal gem from Humanity Defiled. Never a disappointment with this band. Favorite track: war will be our heritage.
Master of Muppets
Master of Muppets thumbnail
Master of Muppets I don't always enjoy of deep death metal, but when I do it's a safe bet that Humanity Defiled are lurking somewhere on the playlist. Impressive, wicked expressive dm that wanders along various subgenre lines but always comes home to a place ov melted faces and perpetually banging heads. This is the underground that we metalheads are charged with discovering and defending; you're shirking your duties and fucking up your life if you haven't delved into the (NYP!!!) HD discography yet.
Unfuck yours
Draugen thumbnail
Draugen Again a fucken Death-Metal Masterpiece! Favorite track: war will be our heritage.
YomaBarr thumbnail
YomaBarr Yeah. 2019 DM EP of the Year.

This is DM I want to hear! Primal, primordial, straight from the bottom. This is all filth of this world pouring from the pores even more fiercely and ferociously than on the last one, didn't think it was possible. The only flaw: it's too short.

Iwein, you've delivered as fuck and I only say fuck on special occasions like this one.
Big thumbs up to that bunch of freaks on vocals 😎 Favorite track: we deserve an unspeakable death.
jo vissers
jo vissers thumbnail
jo vissers awesome record from an awesome artist and even better person! Favorite track: war will be our heritage.
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Hello there, people of the metal.

Humanity Defiled is back with new noise. 4 years after The Demise Of The Sane, these 5 new songs (4 actually) are for you; the devourers of death metal.

This EP, again, combines the grittiness and full-on assault that is the genre, with no-holds-barred lyricism about personal themes and struggles (Wim), topped off with not all too positive views on humanity (Iwein). Rest assured, by spewing these negative thoughts, i can soldier on quite positive.

Music-wise, there's something for everybody. Blistering fast, sludgy downtempo and everything in between.

This time around, i didn't perform vocals myself. I was really excited to get a few friends in the studio to do the grunts and screams. Thank you very much to Roel, Bart, Jo & Wim! You're all awesome!

As usual, all music can be downloaded for free or Name Your Price. A dime is sincerely appreciated, but more so your words and commentary. Be sure to drop a line if you feel like it.

Visit for the new EP and the previous 2 albums, singles, demo's,...

Thanks for listening!


released November 15, 2019

Iwein - rythm & lead guitar, bass, programming, mix and mastering.

Wim Vandenbranden - lyrics and vocals on 'solace in gold' & 'the courageous ones'

Bart Govers - vocals (the really deep grunts) on 'we deserve an unspeakable death' & 'war will be our heritage'

Roel Moustie - vocals on 'we deserve an unspeakable death'

Jo Vissers - vocals on 'war will be our heritage'




humanity defiled Belgium

Humanity Defiled is a one-man death metal project from Belgium.

The sole purpose of the music is to channel negativity and to create some decent death metal along the way.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Track Name: solace in gold
backs turn away
feel only shame
in solitude
she treads again

it calls for her
solace in gold
forget the gnawing
and numb the escape

She's longing for slumber
prospect of eternity
deserving of rest
all but pretext

rational thought
slowly vacates her mind
a grip so fragile
now plainly slipping

are we the weak?
We see her vascillate
bystanders of fatigue?
Or just the ones who push her over the edge?

She's longing for slumber
prospect of eternity
deserving of rest
all but pretext
Track Name: we deserve an unspeakable death
Bleak suffering
Our souls deserve no less
In bloody chains we lie
This breed convicted

descend upon us
horrors we helped shape

As we all merit
This trivial fate

Let us be freed
Oppose no more
May we find peace
In dissolution
This pointless herd
Our earned extinction

Purge these plains
of the unwelcome
infinite cleansing
undo… this… waste
Track Name: the courageous ones
Brave little soldiers
now stay silent
armageddon is near
the battle can't be won

violent tableaus linger
innocence made casualty
the example once set
crumbles into ruin

losses on both sides
memories to corpses
mere remnants of sanity
rotting in a trench

Hush, little soldiers
hear the silence
armageddon is over
a battle lost nor won

the red mist rises
foundations damaged
hope still smouldering
in the ashes of your world

Come little soldiers
forget the silence
armageddon is over
a battle lost nor won

Such trauma rarely fades
a universe indifferent
though I still only see
the courageous ones remain

Though trauma never fades
Rebuild upon the ashes
and I believe they will
the courageous ones prevail

though I still only see
the courageous ones prevail

though I still only see
the courageous ones

I ever only see
the courageous ones

I tip my hat to the courageous ones
Track Name: war will be our heritage
Our sole and warm embrace
from blood that has been shed
wallowing in carrion
to lie among the dead

the past is our hereafter
a multitude of scars
the blanket of our apathy
induction without end

bereft of life
unending strife

the soulless we all praise
immersed in darkest red
we sound the crimson clarion
in conflict we were bred

incapable of peace
we march towards our doom

enduring pest
our heritage
is war

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