circling the drain

by Humanity Defiled

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This has been a labour of love.

Making music is a necessity for me. And as you all know, that is the mother of invention.


"Lots of death metal will spread its blackened blossoms this year. For my money nothing's gonna touch the nauseous reality conveyed by Humanity Defiled on _Circling the Drain_." --- Chronicles Of Chaos

"The album itself opens with some of the most convincing and captivating drum-guitar melodies that I’ve heard in a long while. I can only hope for more releases like this from Denayer and his contemporaries, as this is some of the finer death metal I’ve had the pleasure of listening to recently."
--- Globaldomination

"Het ene moment zit je te luisteren naar brute melodische deathmetal, het
andere moment hoor je zowaar doom. Iwein beheerst alles en brengt het met een heldere productie naar buiten, zonder in herhaling of clichés te vallen." ---

"His work transforms his music into an expression of pain and grief, not simply an outlet for unbridled youthful energy that so many bland bands communicate. Everything on the album vibrates on a terrifying and cathartic level, but definitely check out the centerpiece “Exit?”. The darkness will enfold you." --- Decibel Magazine

"‘Circling the Drain’ is an unpretentious album full of powerful moments, simpler as well as deeper. It’s this rendition of Death Metal, oft-forgotten in these days, that makes this band special. The melodies and lead-playing is sublime and opportune. It easily kicks the shit out of the old school bands and brutal bands at the same time, and does something more." --- Transcending Obscurity


released March 26, 2013

All instruments, vocals, lyrics, drum programming, mix and mastering --> Iwein Denayer
Artwork and logo done by Kevin Hensels -

Many thanks to family and friends for support, help, tips and tricks.




humanity defiled Belgium

Humanity Defiled is a one-man death metal project from Belgium.

The sole purpose of the music is to channel negativity and to create some decent death metal along the way.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Track Name: humanity defiled - humanity defiled
Witness to the end
Constant state of fear
Clinging on to zero
Apocalypse draws near

Corrupted minds
Stains of blood
No light waits
Humanity defiled

Meaningless lives
Wiped away
Their breaths cut off
And turned to dust

Sickening displays
Do away with man
Total catharsis
Hope wiped out

no light waits
humanity defiled
Track Name: humanity defiled - beneath the threshold
Dejecta of society
Condemned to whist
Utter words in silence
Rendered speechless

In isolation born
In isolation ends

Insolvency, no goals to reach
Deprived of collectivity
Alone for all eternity
Unclaimed, untended beings

In isolation born
In isolation ends

Time unworthy
Crippled, undefined
Since conception
Generate eradicate
Track Name: humanity defiled - field hospital/overt mutiny
Decreasing lives
Exhausted souls
Fostering void
Decline to mend

Declining energy
Unminded solitude
Light up through rage
caustic determination

Ignoring reign
Fatal neglect
Provokes revolt

See through deceit
Tear up in insurrection
Undoing treachery
Reconquer sanity

See these injured pawns
cease invocation
salvation weeps
Track Name: humanity defiled - blood stained species
Slithering in
For countless years

Designed in conflict
Devolve in war
Rancid termination
In genocide we trust

Monuments of blood
contaminate this world
feeding frenzy
for the eye of all to see

proven uselessness
outcome is extinction
rightfully fulfilled
by our own hands

never ceasing end

self destruction
Track Name: humanity defiled - yours, defiantly
a thousand streams
of gold
to fill the hand
full of holes

nails blister
in the lap of my god
scratch the coffin lid
payed for with your life
Track Name: humanity defiled - they who rarely are
Through ash
and flames

foresee to serve
in paltry sceneries
hold singularity
in harsh persistence

in tears
in grief

locked in broken trust
unclaimed obeisance
unfelt esteem
incarcerated soul

cut loose this existence

cut loose this existence
forfeit humanity
Track Name: exit?
At the end, almost
Can i be free, uncaused?
I drown in seething hurt
Forever nothingness

Save me

In pain, in blood
In scars, I rest
Unfixed, unseen
Cease to exist

Save me

Breathe still, in hope of light
Face doubt, relentless soul

I beg, redemption
Condense, mediate

Take leave, instill this thought
Find need, find meaning?

I beg, redemption
Condense, terminate?
Track Name: humanity defiled - stray sheep
Soothing words
Rituals for naught

A grotesque cult
The angels blind

Extinguish reason
Fated to mute

In name of god
In name of lies

Pray for forgiveness
Pray for indifference

Unheeded sanity
Only your soul to save

This herd unfit for him
So frail, so innocent
Leave be, leave be
Leave be, leave me
Track Name: humanity defiled - a spinning song
If I keep spinnin'
How will it stop?

When heaven drops and the grave opens up
My head's in hell on holiday

An evening star follows me through the day
When heaven drops and the grave opens up

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